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Aligning yourself with your goals to reach your dreams in the skincare industry

The phrase “ if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life” can be attainable. Only if you have the willingness to learn and align yourself with your goals. By doing so you will not have to force your dreams into action, they will simply come to you. Not like a Genie in a bottle. However; by having a clear goal in mind it is simple to devise a plan of action of how you want to get there. I say simple because by
utilizing your relationships and resources you can elevate your goals to becoming a reality.

Whether you are a newbie enrolled in an esthetics program or an experienced veteran in the industry the same principals to achieving success are applied.
After  setting  a clear, obtainable goal you will need to make a plan of action:
Keeping in mind why this is important to you in the long-run (and writing it down) will help fuel you along the way. If you are in school and the homework pile gets heavy and you feel like you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, glancing at the “WHY” can re-center and motivate you. If your goal is to be a celebrity MUA you could cut out clippings from your favorite magazine and paste them on your daily calendar or bathroom mirror.  A.K.A vision board.  It really does work.

What do you need to learn? Make a list of the certifications, education, or research that needs to be completed before you can legitimately reach your goal. For example if you are starting a new business you may need to learn about accounting, marketing, copywriting, new services, contracts and other legal matters etc. Making a budget and schedule (and sticking to it) will make this a more attainable goal.

Who can help you? “Phoning a friend” may be the quickest way for you to reach your goal. Telling your close circle about your goal will not only help encourage you along the way but can hold you accountable. Utilize your network to lift you higher. Keep in mind, when you surround yourself with other successful people you are more likely to be successful. Reach out to industry leaders and find out how to get involved in their networking functions.

When can this be achieved? It is vital to have a time-frame. This will be your “light” at the proverbial tunnel when the road to reach your goal gets difficult. Having a set time frame can deter procrastination. Instead of saying “someday” make it an actual date.   A Harvard Business study revealed statistics relating to goal setting and success. The study found that the 14% who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. The 3% with written goals are 3 times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals.
Finding a mentor that is successful in the industry to bounce ideas off of and gain more knowledge can be priceless.

What are you going to use to reach that goal?
The same tool you used to read this article.
The information highway, has given us the most powerful tool to be successful, but be choosy, just because it is written does not mean it is fact!   We have the advantage of learning new modalities and how to run a business. The sense of community for estheticians is strong. You can use the internet to network with other professionals, Facebook Live, Facetime, Skype, Virtual classes.  Learning in a virtual classroom is a tool that I use to reach more people for just my time.  There is way more to business than selling a product so reach out to your online community and ask for guidance. So often you hear a co-worker, friend, or maybe even yourself saying “I am just not a techy person” or “I am not good with computers”. The biggest enemy of success is self- doubt. CHALLENGE YOURSELF.  Go online and study your goals. If it’s still not your preferred way of learning we get it, some things are better left for hands-on courses. Hands on courses are more expensive.  The cost of doing business goes up.  So definitely make sure you know how you learn as your costs for “in-house” classes affect your budget. 

Find like-minded virtual communities.  Every group has them and you can connect for free with other skincare professionals, try Facebook. Type “Esthetician” or “Aesthetician” in the search bar and a handful of reputable groups with thousands of members will pop up. You will usually be required to submit proof of licensure or have “LE” meaning “licensed esthetician” following your name.

If you are still looking for more, more, more. Such as business target marketing, client retention, questions about accounting, creating a spa menu, driving traffic to your site with target marketing and e-mail campaigns to name a few then you can talk to a spa consultant.

You can do it yourself with the assistance of an industry leaders group like Addo Aesthetics, Aesthetic Experts Club. This is a private community where you will have access to one-on-one mentorship. 
The founder, Daniela Woerner, gave us the unique link for our students and followers to take advantage of. With this code you will be able to gain entry to the exclusive group (otherwise there is a wait list without this referral). The bundles in this group really do help your personal and professional growth. The group also offers coaching calls & weekly blogs from industry leaders and consultants.

The link is:

-Make sure you key in “HSS” for entry and the special rate of only $9 for your first month.

If you prefer to hire someone to do the work for you. There is no shame in that game.
Our Spa Rescue team can help grow your business and increase profit margins through onsite consulting and hands on training. Our diverse team of professionals are well equipped to help you with your business needs.
We offer turnkey solutions to startup, manage and market med spas, salons, and leading cosmetic practices. Whether you are new to the industry or an employer yearning the resources to increase revenue and profitability, The Esthetics Academy’s leadership team will make your vision a reality.


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