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Incorporating Intention into Every Facet of Your Esthetic Business

What does it mean to “be intentional” as a business owner? Well, in a word: everything.

From your business vision to your operating expenses to your marketing, everything we choose to do in our business should be done with intention, which broken down into its core elements equates to thought, care, and purpose.

Of course, we can’t all know how some decisions will pan out or be received, but with intention, we can anticipate the desired beneficial outcome and impact of our choices.

One example of how intentionality can work in our business as estheticians is in the treatment room and how we cultivate a fantastic client experience, which I wrote about in this article.

But then I got to thinking deeper, and it all started on my trip to Italy…

Seeing Intentionality in Action (and in the Results)

Earlier in the spring while on a part business/part pleasure trip (because, as the saying goes, “when in Rome!”), I visited the Al Paradiso di Frassina Vineyard.

Mind you, there’s no shortage of incredible wineries to visit while in Italy, and they all have their own incredible histories, traditions, and stories, but this particular winery was participating in a practice that wasn’t just captivating, but as it turns out, innovative.

At Al Paradiso di Frassina Vineyard, you can find the grapes growing to the tune of Mozart.

In an article published by CBS News, Giancarlo Cignozzi, owner of the vineyard, explains how he believes the melodies have made his grapes healthier and stronger as well as grow faster, which results in higher alcohol content.

Over the years as he has experimented with classical music’s effects on his grapes, he’s also found that the vines closer to the music grew bigger, toward the source of the sound, and had a higher sugar content.

These findings first piqued the interest of scientists at the University of Florence who are now conducting long-term studies on the effects of classical music on grapes as well as the Bose corporation which has now donated 72 speakers and financed more research on the vineyard.

So, as you can see, one act of intention can breed a host of benefits beyond what I doubt Giancarlo Cignozzi envisioned when he first asked himself, “I suppose that the music can improve the life of the humanity, animals too.  But why not the plants?”

How We’re Weaving Intention in the Manufacturing Process

Once I was firmly rooted back on U.S. soil with Italian inspiration still fresh in my mind, I got to thinking about how estheticians can bring more intention into their businesses…

What’s the stage before the treatment room and client experience where we can infuse intention?

The answer would be in the manufacturing process and the resulting products that are used throughout services (and taken home in client’s skincare regimens).

At Herbal Skin Solutions, where all of our proprietary products are created through the harvesting of living plants that contain energy, the clear connection to bridge together the plant energy and product was to invite intention into the manufacturing process to ensure that we can extract the most powerful botanical ingredients possible.

For us, that meant weaving in energy tuning into the process to maintain the plant’s energetic integrity, which we do by having a Level 2 Reiki practitioner perform energy tuning, set positive intentions, and speak positive affirmations over our products.

( Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique based on the principle that the Reiki practitioner can channel energy through touch and sound to activate natural healing processes and restore well-being into their subject. )

With this added intention and practice, we’re essentially telling the life-force energy within the plants we use in our products where to go and what to do with the ultimate goal being for estheticians (and customers using our products) to achieve an even greater sense of self-love and connection with the ingredients as well as their desired skincare results.

How You Can Incorporate Greater Intention into Your Esthetic Practice

Whenever you’re incorporating greater intention into your esthetic practice, you’ll always want to begin by asking questions around whether these choices are harmonious with your core values, if they align with you as the business owner and who your ideal clients and customers are, and if they can help reinforce and propel your overall business vision.

That goes for choices that range from the product lines you choose to carry, the protocols you use, how you want to decorate your space (maybe you use the art of Feng Shui to allow for optimal energy flow), or even the “less-than-fun” intentions like which booking software you utilize.

Or, as Linda Bertaut teaches, our intentional practices can even go so far as to save a life…

As I dive more and more into personal development practices and how they intertwine with how we operate our businesses, I was thrilled to see Linda as a keynote speaker for The 2018 Beauty Business Summit happening in Honolulu on October 14 and 15.

Linda is an esthetician, transformation specialist, Reiki Master and the founder of Chakralicious, and in her class and workshop, she’ll show participants how the energy of the Chakras can inform us on what may be affecting a client emotionally and spiritually, plus how we can use our gifts and innate abilities to provide our clients with support.

So, as you can see, there’s room for intentionality anywhere in your business where there’s also a decision to be made and reflection to be had, which is everywhere.

Kaelin Jutras, LE and Founder

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