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Inspiration in the industry!

Recently, I had my wonderful right hand lady, Koreen Hobbs contact our fellow Esthetician Ashley Mozisek from Victoria, TX. to do a formal Q&A.  Ashley, congratulations on your recent nuptials!


I noticed Ashley’s higher volume orders and was pleasantly surprised as she was new to the skincare industry.  We had a few conversations about her business so I wanted to share what Ashley has done to drive new clientele while building and growing her business.  Her before and after photos are amazing and it speaks volumes.


Fellow Esty’s please keep sending us your before and after photos, as well as any tips that have helped grow your business.  We hope this will kick-off a feature series in continuing support of our fellow Esty community.  I know I am in the most inspirational industry and most of us like to share and see our community continue to grow professionally.  Success is achieved by utilizing as many resources as possible.  We hope you will give Ashley some love and support by giving her business Facebook page a “LIKE”:


Below is the Q&A from Skin Therapy by Ashley (Victoria, TX).  June 2017



Hi Koreen! 

I'm thrilled to be featured! This is so exciting! 


What was your inspiration for pre-selling packages to pay off the pen before purchase?

I was determined to have the pen and start micro-needling ASAP! I had been looking into it, and the more I looked into it and researched it, the more I couldn't wait! Danika Holmes really guided me and helped me out! She is such a gem in our Facebook community. I made sure to show how excited I was and all of my clients were jumping on board left and right. It was so exciting. 


Do you have a mentor in this business? Meaning someone that you admire in this business.

Oh gosh, so, so, so many. I look at everyone as a mentor to learn from. I love our Facebook community. I love seeing other estheticians grow. I love seeing their work. It is all so exciting and motivating. Whether it's someone just starting out or someone who has been in the business a while, I find that I learn so much from EVERYONE. 


How do you like to learn (online in class) and do you do on-going study on your own. If so, what resources do you use (YouTube, books, Facebook groups, etc.)

I believe hands on training is the best in this industry, but I will say most of my education is online or webinars, just because it's convenient, and I can do it more often. I sit down once a month and will spend an entire weekend doing an online class or a webinar. In my free time, I am always researching and studying via Facebook groups or on the internet. 

What were the first tools you invested in as a solo Esty and why? How are they benefiting your clients and your profit?

The first tool I invested in was an Ultrasonic Spatula. I instantly starting getting back better feedback from clients, my referrals increased, and my profit went up drastically. The right tools are game changers! 




What skin care staple product should all clients have in their home care regiment?

I've never been good at this question. All of my clients go home with a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. They're all important. They all work off of each other. I've never been able to choose just one! 


Which services do you like to provide for the most bang for the clients buck and for your profit margin?

Micro-needling. Hands down! Clients are over the moon with the results they see after just one treatment, they tell everyone, and they keep coming back. 

What is the biggest piece of advice you could offer a new solo Esty and what is the best advice you would give yourself if you could go back in time?

For new solo Esty’s and for me a year and a half ago, I would say be easy on yourself. It takes time, but you will get where you're meant to be. When you find your specialty is when your business is going to take off. It's like the universe knows you've found your niche. One week you're struggling to find clients, and the next you're all of the sudden booked a month in advance. DON'T GIVE UP. 

 How do you get new clients and how has your business grown since offering CIT?

All of my clients are referrals or from social media.

CIT has been the BIGGEST game changer of all. My clients are over the moon with their results and financially, my world has turned around. I was considering getting a part time job before adding on micro-needling just to make it... now I'm making more than ever. 


How important do you feel like before and after pictures are in your business?

SO important! People want to see what you have to offer and what you can do for them. I always get AT LEAST five new clients from posting a before and after or talking to people and being able to show them those photos. I can't imagine not using before and after’s to grow my business... Plus it makes you more confident in your work seeing what you can do! 

What skin concerns do you address most frequently?

Fine lines and wrinkles is definitely the number one skin concern I address. 


What is your favorite treatment to have done on yourself?

Micro-needling! I love the glow it gives me, not to mention the anti-aging benefits! My skin sells the treatment for me! I can't count the number of times I've been told "I want to do whatever you do to your skin!" 


What product is your personal must-have item that you just cannot live without?

Vitamin C Serum. It's like liquid gold to me! 

Brush on block is another all-time favorite. 


As a solo Esty how do you give yourself a work life balance? Any tips to give? 

I do services Tuesday - Friday, and I use Monday as a admin day, so Saturday and Sunday are my days to take a break. I don't answer or respond to people unless it's an emergency, and I try to stay off social media. 

When did you start your business and what was your game-changer for growth? Whether it be social media, products, a specific treatment etc.

I started in February of 2016. Social media, before & after pictures, and micro-needling were the BIGGEST game changers for my business. 

To book a treatment with Ashley please see the link below:


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