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Skin Rituals & Resources for Every Stage of Motherhood

Resources for Every Stage of Motherhood: click here 

Holistic Pregnancy Care

Pre & Post Natal Supplements:

The importance of nutrition cannot be overstated during pregnancy. Consider incorporating Liposomal vitamins C and A for immunity and vision, respectively. Magnesium glycinate, known for its calming properties, can be vital during pregnancy. For electrolytes, especially for that late-night chocolate craving, the LMNT brand offers a delicious healthy alternative to hot cocoa. Herbal Skin Solutions carries superior liposomal C & A supplements. 

Herbal Teas for Support:

Herbal concoctions, such as teas with crampbark and motherwort, can aid in uterine and lactation support. They often contain a blend of beneficial botanicals like alfalfa, rosehips, nettle, fenugreek, and more, each serving a pivotal role in maternal health.

Optimal Fetal Positioning Exercises:

Physical activities and exercise not only maintain your health but can also play a role in the positioning of your baby before birth. These exercises can help ensure your baby is in the best position for birth, potentially easing labor and delivery.

Recommended Skincare Rituals

Skincare during pregnancy necessitates extra care. Here are some rituals and products thoughtfully tailored to the unique needs of expectant mothers:

  • Facial Cupping and Gua Sha: A gentle way to sculpt and lift the face, balancing circulation, and reducing swelling and puffiness, particularly beneficial during pregnancy.
  • Cryo-Therapeutic Treatments: The use of cold therapy can be a game-changer in combating the inevitable hot flushes and inflammations that accompany pregnancy, such as mastitis.
  • Product Recommendations: A curated list of skincare products—like the Herbal Skin Solutions gentle cream cleanser and squalane pro-healing plant medicine serum—crafted to support the pregnant woman's changing needs and ensure a radiant glow.

Lifestyle Recommendations

Physical Activity: Regular walks, aiming for 10,000 steps per day, offer not just physical benefits but also a significant boost to your mental well-being. Staying active during pregnancy is essential for maintaining stamina, which can be beneficial during labor.

Music Therapy: Bond with your child through music that resonates with the love you feel for them. A special playlist can be as empowering for you as it is calming for your unborn baby.

Reading and Watching: Engaging with literature and films that focus on pregnancy and motherhood can provide valuable insights and offer comfort on your unique journey.

Post-Baby Recovery Strategies

Muscle Recovery: Consider incorporating postnatal workouts and recovery tools, like the microcurrent body protocol, to help your body heal and regain strength post-birth.

Supplementation: Glucosamine supplements can assist in rebuilding tendons, ligaments, and the fluid surrounding joints—a vital part of post-birth recovery. Similarly, liposomal vitamin A offers benefits for postpartum care, but as with any supplementation, should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

Resuming Skincare Treatments: Post-baby, it's time to revisit your skincare routine. Gradually reintroduce treatments when you're ready, that were paused during pregnancy, like the Blue Moon Overnight Sleeping Mask, which can aid in skin rejuvenation with its retinal content, once feeding and other related health considerations are met. 

Nurturing Your Path with Gratitude and Preparation

Each woman's path to motherhood is unique and filled with its own set of challenges and rewards. On this Mother's Day, as we celebrate the influential role mothers play in our lives, it's essential to also think of those women whose yearning for motherhood is yet unfulfilled. To them, we extend our solidarity and invite them and support through their personal journey towards motherhood.

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