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The Ultimate Guide for The Super Hero Skincare Ingredient: Vitamin C

While everyone’s skin care history and needs are unique, there is one ingredient that is nearly universal and finds its way into every glow-getter’s regimen recommendations. 

You can probably guess what it is, but just in case you’re stumped, we’re talking about Vitamin C

Call it the ultimate elixir, skincare superhero, skin superfood…we’ve used them all, but those are actually simplified monikers for what Vitamin C truly is. 

In this article, we’re sharing some of our top Vitamin C product knowledge notes, why Vitamin C is the key in help your clients achieve optimized results from their CIT/microneedling treatments, as well as how you can encourage its use in at-home skin care regimens to ensure top results and strengthen client loyalty. 

Breaking Down Vitamin C 

Why is Vitamin C such a holy grail ingredient? 

Well, it works for just about every main skin concern from diminishing the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation to providing skin with smoother texture and an overall more luminous look. 

As a high-potency antioxidant, Vitamin C makes results like this possible due to its ability to fight off and neutralize free radicals (i.e. UV ray damage and air pollutants), which causes a breakdown in the skin’s barrier making it more susceptible to all the aforementioned skin concerns. 

In addition to its powerful antioxidant capabilities, Vitamin C also contains natural skin-healing properties due to its acidity. Thus, when it is applied topically, Vitamin C goes into “healing mode” by working to promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which is why Vitamin C is a staple in any daily anti-aging regimen (as well as in the esthetic treatment room, which we’ll dive into deeper in a moment).

Finally, as if we needed another reason to be Vitamin C-obsessed, beyond collagen formation, Vitamin C also increases absorption of inorganic iron and assists in the metabolism of amino acids, which in turn boosts the immune system as a whole.

The Science Behind The Skincare

The symbiotic relationship between the Vitamin C & Vitamin E molecules can be compared to how humans give back to one another and live in harmony with the earth to not only survive, but thrive! When the compounds stick together, or in the Vitamin C + Enhancement Serum’s case of being formulated together, both molecules, C & E strengthen and protect one another for the greater good of the skin against the damage caused by free radicals. After Vitamin E sacrifices an electron of its own to neutralize free radicals & protect it's beloved Vitamin C molecule, it becomes reactivated. Vitamin E strengthens Vitamin C so it can increase type 1 & 3 pro-collagen messenger RNA levels in human fibroblasts (collagen producing cells). 

The Herbal Skin Solutions proprietary blend to include Vitamin E with multiple forms of Vitamin C so the can work to its full potential. The molecules in our blend work together synergistically to inhibit UV induced melanin synthesis & block Tyrosinase. 

Beyond the molecules function in collagen formation, C also increases absorption or inorganic iron and assists in the metabolism of amino acids which in turn boost the immune system. Another prime example of why taking Liposomal Vitamin C internally should not be included in every beauty, wellness regimen.

One form of Vitamin C is better than none, however, most OTC & common serums use only L- Ascorbic Acid. Our tripod blend takes the free-radical fighting trophy & you can consider that “trophy” to be your even-toned, brightened skin. Our blend consists of  2-O-Ethyl-Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. The ultimate powerhouse complex!

With mention of Vitamin E, it is important to note where it is derived from and how to ensure the non-comedogenic factor. The non GMO and organic, bulk ingredient, Safflower, that the Vitamin E is derived from undergoes a distillation process that purifies the extracted ingredient (in this case that is D-Alpha-Tocopherol). This purification process is an extra precautionary measure to remove allergens associated with the plant.


Kojic Acid found within the Shiitake mushroom extract further boasts the antioxidant profile alongside the skin brightening & calming effects of licorice extract.


We wrap this synergistic blend up in green, glass bottles (within a kraft brown box) in order to further protect the blend from oxidation caused by light and heat. Supportive antioxidants like Ferulic Acid are a necessary component of the formula for ultimate antioxidant stability!

How We Use Vitamin C Inside the Treatment Room 

Whenever performing CIT/micro-needling or nano-infusion on a client, you’ll need a glide to achieve smooth passes over the skin, and while there are a variety of options to choose from, as you might guess, our Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum is one of our favorites to use in the treatment room since it addresses a large scope of the skincare concerns our CIT and nano-infusion clients are looking to address. 

  • One critical note on choosing a glide is that a patch test (and risk assessment if working past the Stratum Corneum with needling) should be performed when using anything other than sterile saline for glide. 

Furthermore, the CIT Pen's special delivery system of nano-infusion works to boost results by opening the pathways and micro-channels of the skin, which in turn, infuses the cosmeceuticals and increases the availability of skin-lightening actives, creating a process that normalizes keratinocyte function and cell-signaling with melanocytes to achieve an optimal outcome of even tone, texture, and overall vibrancy. 

Then, after you’ve fully finished passing over the treatment area with the CIT Pen, we recommend applying the Herbal Skin Solutions Herbal Sheet Mask and utilizing the My Skin Buddy on the red or blue LED light product-infusion mode. 

Once the serum from the mask has absorbed into the skin or the preset 5 minutes with the My Skin Buddy has completed, we apply finishing serum based on the client’s concerns and long-term skin goals, such as the Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum cocktailed with EGF Cellular Activator for maximum nourishment locked in with Neroli Repair Oil

So, whether you utilize the Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum as the primary glide for the CIT Pen, or as the finishing serum on your facial treatment, there’s plenty of opportunity to tie in the spectacular benefits of Vitamin C into your work inside the treatment room. 

(To get the full breakdown of our protocol on the Glow-Up Nano-Infusion Full Facial Protocol featuring the My Skin Buddy that we’ve highlighted above, click here.)

Incorporating Vitamin C into Home Care Regimens 

First, before we ever enter the treatment room, when working with a client who’s seeking CIT/micro-needing + nano-infusion, our Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum can be used everyday, A.M. and P.M., as a fantastic way to prep the skin prior to treatment since the Vitamin C+ Serum contains tyrosinase inhibitors, high-molecular Hyaluronic Acid and Ferulic Acid. 

(It also contains Vitamins E, Licorice Root & Mushroom Extract for added brightening effects)!

However, if this is your first treatment or CIT treatment series with a particular client, we also love to weave the Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum directly into the treatment package by including post-care as part of the treatment or treatment series. 

By bundling the post-care products and treatment together, you’re eliminating any guesswork regarding the outcomes since you don't have to worry about what the client is applying on their own and whether that jives with the treatment. 

Plus, you are putting the ball back in your client’s court as far as results are concerned as it will be up to them to use the tools and education you’ve provided to reach the skin goals you set together. 


In my experience, I’ve found that the majority of clients feel like they are getting more tangible takeaways as well as value when product is included. 

For example, you, the spa professional, purchases at a wholesale discount and your client sees the value of that product doubled beyond what you pay, at retail value, $50 - $60, not to mention, it lasts them a month or so, which also adds to the client experience of feeling supported in their skincare journey beyond the initial few days after the treatment.


Plus, the Vitamin C+ Serum is notoriously a fan favorite with a high retail reorder rate, further showcasing the benefit of including post-care with a treatment series as a prime opportunity to introduce the products for future retail when the client is motivated to maintain results between treatments. 

To really pack on the perks, we also love packing up and sealing the package of the client’s post-treatment Herbal Sheet Mask to take home and put in the fridge (for an extra soothing effect) as they can use the roughly 1 ounce of remaining serum and cocktail it with the Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum for boosted brightening and rejuvenation post-treatment.


And just in case you thought we only incorporate the powers of Vitamin C topically, think again! 


Part of that post-treatment care package includes everything the client will need to boost the results and speed healing on a cellular level, which include a shot of the Liposomal C and a serving of our Glucosamine Sulphate.  


Giving a dose or few of the internal support product to enhance their overall regimen shows how much you care and truly is one of the best ways to educate on the importance of internal health and how that synergistically works with CIT, which only further showcases your level of expertise and expands your opportunity for retail sales. 

Footnote - Vitamin C Serum Considerations 

  • Although our Vitamin C+ Enhancement Serum yields incredible results in diminishing visibility of hyperpigmentation, however if if the underlying issue for pigmentation is not addressed such as UV damage, pregnancy or other hormone/ endocrine disruption, medications (diuretics, antidepressants, antibiotics, pain killers, NSAID's etc), the corrective serum will only be a bandaid, temporary fix. 

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